Gissell Success Story with Weight Watchers

Name Gissell
Age 33
Height 5’0″
Was 186 lbs
Lost 41 lbs*
Weight 145 lbs
As of 4/17/2014  
 I’m back to the old me — the better me! 

When Gissell learned she was pre-diabetic she knew she had to address her long-ignored weight issue. Weight Watchers Online helped her change her life. Now, not only is she lighter, she’s more active and able to teach her young son healthy habits.

In Gissell’s words:

I started gaining weight when I was pregnant with my son, ten years ago. I didn’t lose the baby weight and then each year I gained a little more. It would be five pounds here, 10 pounds there until one day I looked into the mirror and I was 60 pounds heavier.

My weight-loss journey started when I went to see my doctor for a checkup. When she told me I was pre-diabetic, it was a wakeup call. That’s when I knew that losing weight was no longer just an option — it was a must. I had a friend who had lost weight with Weight Watchers, so I knew it worked. As I saw him losing, the Plan seemed manageable. He said he could still eat the things that he loved, which was important to me because I love pizza! I’m always on the go so I thought that Weight Watchers Online would be a great fit for me.

Making changes

I love food and I love to eat. I used to eat fast food galore and hardly any vegetables. Also, being Dominican, I ate rice every single day. If I didn’t have rice with dinner, I didn’t consider it a complete meal. Rice itself isn’t bad, it’s that I was eating three, four, even five cups of it at a time. Eating that much ofanything isn’t good. I needed moderation. Since subscribing to Weight Watchers Online I started using a measuring cup and measured out one cup per dinner. At first it was hard, but eventually that one cup would fill me up. I also used to eat a ton of fried food, but now I’ve started baking and grilling my meats. I use Weight Watchers recipes so my meals are still flavorful — they’re just healthier.

I love that nothing’s off limits. I’m able to eat my pizza once a week and my rice when I need to. I really don’t feel like I’m on a diet.

A Plan that stays with you

With Weight Watchers Online the entire Plan is with me all the time. I use the mobile app on my iPhone when I’m at restaurants, at the amusement park — anywhere, really. I’m able to look up the PointsPlus®values of anything I’m about to order. Whether it’s pasta or a hamburger, I can look up that food and decide if it’s worth the splurge. I used to eat everything on the plate when I went out to restaurants. You feel like if they put it in front of you, you have to eat it, but you don’t. You can take it home to eat later or even give it to a neighbor!

A healthier mom

My son is nine and loves to eat unhealthy foods. But teaching him how to eat better is very important to me. There’s a lot of diabetes in my family. And I wanted him to learn how to eat so it won’t be a problem for him like it was for me.

I used to be very inactive and would get winded really quickly. I never played games with my son. But my life is different now because I can physically do anything that I want. I can kickbox, do jiu-jitsu and jog, which are things I could never do before. I’m able to run around and play tag with my son, which has definitely made us closer.

The best part

Now that I’ve lost the weight, my doctor tells me that if every patient was like me, she’d be out of a job. My cholesterol is down, I’m no longer pre-diabetic and it’s just a great feeling knowing I’m going to be healthy for my son. I love that he’s noticed my weight loss. One day he saw me changing and he said, “Wow, Mommy, your stomach is almost flat!” Now when he sees pictures of me when I was heavier he says, “That was the big mommy, but now you’re the little mommy.”

My husband especially loves it. He says it’s like the old me, the girl I was when we first started dating. Thanks to Weight Watchers I’m back to the old me — the better me!