Lori’s Success Story with Weight Watchers

Name Lori
Age 20
Height 5’70”
Was 182 lbs
Lost 35 lbs*
Weight 147 lbs
 With Weight Watchers you can keep your college lifestyle, which is really important for me. 

As a college student and photographer’s assistant, Lori’s constantly on-the-go. But 35 pounds ago, she was unhappy with herself and needed a new way to think about food. She subscribed to Weight Watchers Online, started following the Plan, and hasn’t looked back.

In Lori’s words:
I was always thin in high school, but college definitely put a few pounds on me. Last year I was really unhappy with myself and depressed. I simply hated how I looked. I love going out with friends, but my weight was getting in the way of having fun. I hated getting dressed up. I knew it was time for a major change if I wanted to get back to the happier me. My goal was to get back down to my high school weight.Why Online?
I chose Weight Watchers Online because it’s easy and accessible from my Smartphone and my computer. All the tools you need are right in front of you. The app especially makes it easy to stay on Plan when I’m out at restaurants or grocery shopping. And I use the calculator to find out the proper PointsPlus values of the foods I wanted to eat. There’s no guesswork involved.
I was definitely overeating before starting Weight Watchers. I didn’t know anything about portion control and I didn’t know how many calories I was putting into my body. Weight Watchers teaches you that.Fitting in fitness
I definitely made fitness a priority. I go to the gym daily. I work on cardio by running, kickboxing and jump roping. I also did lots of sit-ups and some weight training. I switched it up a lot. But my favorite way to exercise is Zumba because you just get to dance! It doesn’t feel like you’re working out. It’s so much fun.

A whole new lifestyle
Weight Watchers can work for anyone because it isn’t a diet. It’s a whole new lifestyle. You can eat the same yummy foods you always did, you just have to be mindful of the portions. You don’t have to eat gross diet food and it’s fun to be able to track and calculate everything.
As long as you believe in yourself and keep telling yourself you can do it, you’ll stay motivated. When times get hard, just remember what you’re working towards. If I can do this, anyone can.

Staying social
If you’re in college and you’re thinking about Weight Watchers Online, do it. It’s convenient, easy and not like other diets. You can keep your college lifestyle, which is really important for me. You don’t have to worry about not going out and having a social life. I have a different schedule every day and my classes are at different times, so I never have lunch at the same time, for example. So even if I have to grab something quick from the cafeteria, I know the healthier choices I can make.
I’m a photography major and working as an assistant to a photographer is challenging. You’re always out and about at events with a lot of catered food around. But I worked through it. Even when you’re busy you just have to stick with the Plan. I use my phone app a lot at those times.

The best part
Dressing up is fun now. I used to only like wearing blacks, whites and greys to hide my figure and look smaller. But now I can get away with wearing any color! And I can wear things that I never would have tried on before. I never would have worn skinny jeans. Now I love them. I can wear heels and have fun with my fashion, which is really fun.
But most of all, I love the new confidence I have. It’s so liberating to not have to constantly worry about problem areas of my body like I used to. Weight Watchers brought out a whole new person out of me. I’m comfortable on my own skin and I can say that proudly. My life has changed for the better.